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Mary Grace's world was turned upside down

the summer her father was transferred to Canada. Life in Georgia was all she had ever known. Now, she would have to leave that world and all her friends behind. At sixteen that was not an easy thing to do, but she did have a dream that meant everything to her. She wanted to become a Clarview girl, to attend that beautiful Canadian girls’ boarding school that looked like an English castle. Will the Canadian girls accept her as one of them? Will her parents understand why she wants this so much? And what about boys, an all girls’ school is not exactly the way to meet any guys, or is it?

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"This novel follows sixteen-year-old Mary Grace as her family moves to Canada for her father’s new work assignment. She goes to Clarview Boarding School, an all-girls school where she meets new friends and has some fun adventures. Though there are trials throughout her time there, with her faith, the love of her family, and good friends, she makes it through."